Carrara EnvironKit – Woodlands

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Woodlands is set up as a bunch of ready-to-use preset scenes as well as a complete outdoor scene construction kit. It includes 42 full scene presets which offer various options and styles to choose from, depending upon your needs. Whether you’re looking to build your own forested path, starting with the base scene and it’s full lighting and environmental controls then adding preset blocks of wooded nature, perhaps an individual plant, tree or deadwood – or maybe what you really want is a scene that has already been put together, so all you have to do is to bring in your characters and render – this kit was designed to meet those needs.
Woodlands was also designed to show alternate methods for building full scenes on your own. The kit includes presets designed to help you to make 360 degree background maps for use in many new scenes to come, with immediate rendering of the entire background, no matter the camera angle. As an added bonus, an animated backdrop scene is included, along with the moving camera that works with it, to help show how to make those as well.


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