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Carrara 8.5 offers the latest in DAZ technology. Our software engineers have worked meticulously to ensure that the new features in Carrara 8.5 exceed the standard you’ve come to expect for Carrara. Carrara 8.5 provides seamless support for the Genesis and Genesis 2 3D model figures you know and love. The new parameters tab grants intuitive access to morphs for your figures and allows you to filter by region, body part and even keyword. Carrara 8.5 ships with AutoFit and Morph Projection, which allows you enormous versatility in clothing.
Windows & Mac 32 & 64.


Collective3d Portrait Vignettes Horror 1
Intrigue Corset for Genesis 3 Females


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    December 28, 2016

    Carrara 8.5 Professional = CDZCPRO-085-8576189-FXL-001-NWFNFOZ

    Vectorstyle = CDZVEST-020-8576189-AMS-001-NWFNFOZ
    Grid = CDZGRID-020-8576189-WZU-001-NWFNFOZ
    Mimic Pro = CDZMIMC-020-8576189-MKJ-001-NWFNFOZ
    GoZ = CDZGOZB-010-8576189-FLU-001-NWFNFOZ

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