Carmen for Victoria 4

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A true Poser beauty that is very easy to work with and is accompanied by excellent features such as realistic eye colors and a set 6 make up sets designed exclusive for this character.

2048×2048 HighRes Body texture
2048×2048 HighRes Body Bump Map
2048×2048 HighRes Head texture
2048×2048 HighRes Head Bump Map
2048×2048 HighRes Limbs texture
2048×2048 HighRes Limbs Bump Map
2048×2048 HighRes Head Make Up textures
1000×1000 HighRes Sclera Texture
1000×1000 HighRes Sclera Bump Map
1000×1000 HighRes Cornea Transparency
2500×2500 HighRes Teeth & Gum texture
2500×2500 HighRes Teeth & Gum Bump Map
2048×2048 HighRes Eye lashes transparency
1000×1000 HighRes Eye color textures
1000×1000 HighRes Eye Bump Maps


Elegant Pantyhose and Stocking
Three Sandals Pack for V4A4

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