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Yo ho ho!! Surrender your runtime booty, Captain Anne is on deck!! If your lasses crave adventure on the high seas, Captain Anne is what they need. It’s a sexy, pirate-inspired package, loaded with all the goodies you’ll need for a swashbuckling good time!

Captain Anne Package contents:

Captain Anne Top (.cr2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Pants (.cr2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Belt (.cr2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Gloves, L & R (.cr2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Boots, L and R (.cr2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Hat (.pz2 and .obj)
Captain Anne DuRag (.pz2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Eye Patch (.pz2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Hoop Earrings, L & R (.pz2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Sword (.pz2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Sword, Left Hand (.pz2 and .obj)
Captain Anne Sword, Right Hand (.pz2 and .obj)

** Two texture sets for clothing items and clothing props.

** Left and Right hand poses for sword.

** Trans maps and mat poses to hide sleeves of top, and to transform the pants into pirate cutoffs.

Captain Anne follows the morphs of Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, and Stephanie 4 (please make sure to check out the morphs list in the promos for what is included), and there are many adjustment morphs for each item as well.


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