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We’re always looking for ways to make our art better. These composition helpers are prop guides that sit in your camera view, moving with the camera, to help you compose better images in Daz Studio. They are props, not transparent images, so they work with any renderer and will not interfere with transparent materials in your scene.

In addition to the guides pre-loaded inside custom Daz Studio cameras, the guides are provided as transparent PNG’s for backdrops, layered PSD’s for photoshop, and as centered OBJ files for importing into other applications including Bryce, Poser, Cararra, and Vue.

Each prop guide has multiple material zones, so you can use just the lines you want. Several shader presets are provided for color and opacity presets, using the basic Daz Studio shader, compatible with 3Delight or Iray.

The guides can be moved, rotated, and scaled just like any other prop.

The included QuickStart Guide covers all the options and has the easy steps you need to start using the guides.

Whether you want to create images based on academic tradition, or want a starting point for creating something bold and non-traditional, these composition helpers will help you to achieve your goals.

What’s Included and Features
Canary’s Composition Helpers (.DUF)
Custom 10×13 (Portrait) Cam & Guides
Custom 13×10 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Display Standard 3×4 (Portrait) Cam & Guides
Display Standard 4×3 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Display Wide 4×5 (Portrait) Cam & Guides
Display Wide 5×4 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Golden Ratio 1.618×1 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Golden Ratio 1×1.618 (Portrait) Cam & Guides
Panorama 8×3 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Photo 35mm Slide 2×3 (Portrait) Cam & Guides
Photo 35mm Slide 3×2 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Square 1×1 Cam & Guides
Widescreen 16×9 (Landscape) Cam & Guides
Composition Helpers Blue1
Composition Helpers Blue2
Composition Helpers Blue3
Composition Helpers Green1
Composition Helpers Green2
Composition Helpers Green3
Composition Helpers Orange1
Composition Helpers Orange2
Composition Helpers Orange3
Composition Helpers Purple 1
Composition Helpers Purple2
Composition Helpers Purple3
Composition Helpers Red1
Composition Helpers Red2
Composition Helpers Red3
Composition Helpers Yellow1
Composition Helpers Yellow2
Composition Helpers Yellow3
Composition Helpers Opacity 0% (Invisble)
Composition Helpers Opacity 20%
Composition Helpers Opacity 40%
Composition Helpers Opacity 60%
Composition Helpers Opacity 80%
Composition Helpers Opacity 100% (Visible)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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