Camelot – Iron Age Hillfort

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“Three Generous Men of the Island of Britain:
Nudd the Generous, son of Senyllt,
Mordaf the Generous, son of Serwan,
Rhydderch the Generous, son of Tudwal Tudglyd.
And Arthur himself was more generous than the three.
-The Triads”

Was Camelot the capital of the kingdom of King Arthur? Cadbury Castle in Somerset, an isolated Iron Age hill fort, is the site most often identified with Camelot. Archaeological evidence confirms that during the 6th century the fort was occupied by a powerful British warrior chieftain. However, local folklore advances alternative sites at Camelford in Cornwall and Winchester in Hampshire as the original Camelot.

Earlier Version, may not be exactly as pictured/described. (October 9, 2003)

Not Tested in Daz Studio


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