Cabaret Poses and Props for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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There is a fedora with several different colored band options, a pair of sexy black high heeled shoes, a high back wooden chair, and a ball handled, tipped cane with two high quality metal texture options.

The poses and props will work more than just for allure – from swordwoman to the sci-fi temptress, this set is designed to fit a broad spectrum of genres to maximize benefit and use for you, the artist.

While numerous morphs have been included in the fedora to accommodate most hair situations, to get the highest benefit, please consider using Sickleyield’s Hat and Hair Helper.

Don’t forget to pick up the Cabaret Outfit for Genesis 2 Females to complete the ensemble!

As always, all poses have been fact checked for gravity, balance and realism.

Cabaret Fedora (.DUF)
Hat Adjust Along Length
Hat Back
Hat Broaden
Hat Down or Up
Hat Forward
Hat Lengthen or Shorten
Hat Raise or Lower
Hat Slant to the Left
Hat Slant to the Right
Cabaret High Heel – Right and Left Shoes (.DUF)
Fit Over Hose Morph
Cabaret Cane (.DUF)
Smart Propped to Right Hand
Cabaret Chair (.DUF)
35 Cabaret Act Poses each for Genesis 2 Female Base, Victoria 6, Stephanie 6, the Girl 6, and Olympia plus additional prop position poses for the Cabaret Cane and Chair as needed to complete the pose. (.DUF)
01 Coy Looking Left
02 Coy Looking Right
03 Brazen Chair Step to Right
04 Brazen Chair Step to Left
05 Insousciance
06 Jazzy Chair Step
07 Poise and Charm
08 Over Right Shoulder
09 Over Left Shoulder
10 Sashay Right 1
11 Sashay Right 2
12 Sashay Left 1
13 Sashay Left 2
14 Sly Hat Right Hand
15 Sly Hat Left Hand
16 Chair Stretch
17 Chair Kick Right
18 Chair Kick Left
19 Left Knee Right Facing
20 Right Knee Right Facing
21 Left Knee Left Facing
22 Right Knee Left Facing
23 Sultry
24 Pondering
25 Kneel with Cane
26 Calculation Left
27 Calculation Right
28 Cane with Left Hip Up
29 Cane with Right Hip Up
30 Dreamy Twist Right
31 Dreamy Twist Left
32 Slinky
33 Tipping Hat
34 Cocky
35 Cane Slide
Texture Options for Props (.DUF)
Black Hat with Black Band
Black Hat with Emerald Band
Black Hat with Pink Band
Black Hat with Plum Band
Black Hat with White Band
DIY Diffuse Hat and Band
Black Cabaret Shoes Texture
Silver Tipped Cane Texture
Brass Tipped Cane Texture
Dark Lacquered Wood Chair Texture
Textures Include:
10 Texture and Displacement Maps (4000 x 4000)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)


Cabaret for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Colors for Innocent Hair

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