Bunny Time Clothing & Hair for V4

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It?s Bunny Time with this high quality conforming
and all-new bunny girl outfit and hair for Victoria 4, consisting corset
with bow applications and bunny tail, a skirt with furred hem, gloves,
collar with box, a pair of high-heeled bunny sandals, bunny ears
and a matching hair with a big bun!

Included are 3 high resolution texture styles and 25 colors for the hair.
Please view the Morphs list on the PopUps for all included morphs.

Have a look at the Promos to see more of this sexy outfit!

Thanks for viewing!

What you get with this package:

10 Geometry Files

05 Super-Conforming Clothing Figures for V4 with Morphs
04 Smartprops for V4 with Morphs
01 Hairprop for V4 with Morphs

03 Full Clothing Texture Styles
25 Hairtextures

25 Textures for the Cap (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Cap (2500×2500)
25 Textures for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Specularmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Bumpmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
08 Textures for the Headband (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Headband (2500×2500)

03 Textures for the Bows (1500×1500)
03 Textures for the Collar (2000×2000)
03 Textures for the Corset (4000×4000)
03 Textures for the Ears (2000×2000)
03 Textures for the Gloves (2000×2000)
03 Textures for the Heels (2500×2500)
03 Textures for the Heels Bows (1024×1024)
03 Textures for the Panty (2500×2500)
03 Textures for the Skirt (4000×4000)
02 Reflectionmaps


28 Matposes
HiHeel Feet INJ & REM

25 Matposes for Full Hair [POSER]
25 Matposes for Mixed Color [POSER]
25 Matposes for Streaks Color [POSER]

25 Matposes for Full Hair [DAZ STUDIO]
25 Matposes for Mixed Color [DAZ STUDIO]
25 Matposes for Streaks Color [DAZ STUDIO]

Matposes and Material Settings are optimized for Poser 5 and higher and need further adjustment for use in DAZ Studio.

Required products:

Victoria 4


Playmate of the Year for Bunny Time
Forest Scout


  1. Profile photo of Joe


    February 15, 2013

    Every few days, I have to stop just to install all the stuff I’ve downloaded – always takes at least half an hour if not more!

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    February 16, 2013

    sweetie outfit…thank you Joe

  3. Profile photo of


    February 24, 2013

    thanks so much………and I am like Evangeline…..need to take a break and install 🙂 right now I am doing Gen 3 stuff…haven’t even got to Gen 4 of newer.

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