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The beautiful Brylie for V4/Stephanie 4 Petite comes with two custom head morphs and two body morphs for V4 and for SP4. There are INJ/REM options for beautifully shaped elf ears. Included are 10 makeup options (4 fantasy), 10 lip shades as well as lip gloss only, 10 nail shades, 6 eye colors, and options for light/black and realistic/thick lashes. Her head morphs are custom head morphs with custom skin created from human resource photos. Her body shapes are from dialed morphs.

Required programs are Poser 6+, DAZ 3+. Required products are Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ and Stephanie 4 morphs from DAZ3D. It is not necessary for you to inject the V4.2 Morphs++ and the Stephanie 4 morphs before loading Brylie; however, those morphs must be installed in the SAME Runtime as the program that you use to load her. Load Victoria 4.2, then access Brylie in the Pose folder of the program of your choice. You may load the entire set of morphs if you want access to some of their features, either before or after loading Brylie.

Elegantly Yours for V4/S4 is an outfit consisting of a skirt, overskirt, top, necklace, shoes, and a choice between short and long earrings for Brylie and your other V4/S4/A4 characters. The Skirts and top have morphs to fit Brylie V4 and Brylie as Steph 4 Petite.

DAZ 3.0 shader files are included.


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