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*This product is tested only with Windows-PC.
*This product is tested only with Poser. ( NOT tested with “DAZ|Studio” )

The motion-dial is as follows.

forward or back the trigger
*it doesn’t synchronize with the hammer.

up or down the trigger-bar

cock or release the hammer
*it doesn’t synchronize with the trigger.

forward or back the barrel and slide
*It synchronizes with “Short Ricoil” and a locking-block descends.

forward or back the slide

open or close the extractor

up or down the safety_lever

up or down the Firing-Pin-Lock-Block
*This is not used usually.

up or down the Slide-stop

push on the magazine-catch button

forward or back the Firing-pin-plunger
*This is not used usually.

TOA Triplet
M4 Tin Man


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    January 16, 2013

    Cool detailed Beretta pistols and it would be even better if comes with a suppressor 😀 Awesome, thanks for sharing k2osiris 🙂

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