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°Breeze° Texture Expansion for Teagan and Nymph Dress for V4

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With this texture expansion you’ll get 06 new hi-res and highly-detailed texturestyles for the Nymph Dress for V4 by mada, Thorne & sarsa! Have a look at the pictures for more information and details!

18 Textures for the Dress (3000×3000)
04 Transmaps for the Dress (3000×3000)
06 Textures for the Mask (2000×2000)
06 Textures for the Mask Flutter (512×512)
06 Textures for the Panty (2000×2000)
06 Textures for the Ribbons (2500×2500)
06 Textures for the Shoes (2000×2000)
01 Reflectionmap

30 Matposes

Requires: Teagan and Nymph Dress for V4


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