Breathtaking–Bishonen for Michael 3

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A slight blush rises to the cheeks of the women as they unconsciously flutter their eyelashes. The men hold their date a little more tightly, a little more possessively. All due to the approach of a strikingly beautiful young man whose graceful, long legs merely whisper through the tall grass.He pauses to raise his head toward the sky. As if it were for him alone, the clouds part, allowing the sun to glimmer off his perfect skin. Cherry blossom petals float by as the wind gently teases his hair. At that moment, time seems to stop. Only one word could describe such a man….Breathtaking!
Bishonen, meaning “good-looking young man” in Japanese, commonly refers to the beautiful men often seen in anime and manga. Choose any one of the twenty-four facial morphs to give Michael 3 a delicate and youthful look perfect for anime, elves, or pretty boys. Morph his body into classic anime style with a toned physique, narrow waist, and signature long legs. Break away from the typical Michael and transform him into your favorite bishonen!

Elf Dancaire M4 H4
Sinful Temptations I - Draker For David

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