Breast Control for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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This set of morphs is ideal for renders and animations where your figure requires that natural gravity look in relation to the pose it’s in. You can also use the morphs to create your own breast shape, the choice is yours. Carefully designed to be as universal as possible, this set works with a wide variety of existing breast shapes, including mixed dial variations.

Breast Control for Genesis 2 Female(s): (.DSF)

Pose Controls for Both:
!Breast Height
!Breast Width
!Center Shift
1 Move Up/Down
1 Rotate Up/Down
1 Rotate Up/Down
2 Move Side2Side Directional
2 Move Side2Side Opposite
2 Rotate Side2Side Directional
2 Rotate Side2Side opposite
3 Depth
Areola Side2Side Directional
Areola Side2Side Opposite
Areola UpDown
Pose Controls Per Breast:
Impact Front1
Impact Front2
Impact Under 1 Move and Rotate Up/Down 1 Move Up/Down 1 Rotate Up/Down 2 Move and Rotate
2 Move Side2Side
2 Rotate Side2Side
3 Depth
4 Twist
Areola Side2side
Areola UpDown
Shaping Morphs:
!!Breast Side Smoother
!!Breast Under Smoother1
!!Breast Under Smoother2
!!Breast Under Smoother3
!!Breast Under Smoother4
!!Breast Under Smoother5
!Breast Diameter
!Breast Height Lower
!Breast Height Upper
!Breast Large
!Breast Pointed
!Breast Sag1
!Breast Sag2
!Breast Small
!Breast Top Curve1
!Breast Top Curve2
!Breast Zero
Areola Depth
Areola Size
Areola Size X
Areola Size Y
Armpit Curve
Center Gap Depth
Center Gap Height
Center Gap NarrowWide
Center Gap Smooth
Center Gap UpDown
Chest Height
Chest Smoother
Nipple Diameter
Nipple Length
Nipple Size
Nipples Apply
Presets: (.DUF and .PZ2)
Zero Both Movement
Zero Left Movement
Zero Right Movement
Zero Shaping


SV7 Brielle
i13 Movie Theater

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