Breaking Glass

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– PC and Mac compatible
– Poser 5+ compatible
– Not tested in Daz Studio
– .obj, .cr2, .pz2, .pp2, .png and .jpg formatted files
– Glass style 1: Simple sheet of glass with spider web style cracking pattern from center of sheet. Each Shard is parented from the center outward. (4) pose files for progressive breaking is included.
– Glass style 2: The same as style 1, but there are no posable shards of glass, instead, there is a magnet attached to the sheet of glass that can be twisted and pulled for cool effects.
– Glass style 3: Sheet of glass with 2 smaller holes with spider web style cracking pattern. (4) pose files with progressive glass breaking is included.
– Glass style 4: This is a sheet of glass that has individual broken shards of glass along the top edge and bottom edge. The center piece of glass is large and can be removed.
– Broken shards of glass lying flat on the ground figure is included.
– Broken shards of glass falling down in the air figure is included.
– Smart prop window frame for styles 1-3. This can be added for a simple window frame.
– Pose files for Style 1 and Style 3 are included.
– Material pose file to hide the edges of the shards of glass is included. This allows for a non-broken sheet of glass look and feel.


Classroom Furniture
Airport ground support vehicles

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