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Bourbon Street Bar is a high quality, precision made scene scaled for use with Poser characters.
This visually rich enviroment is the result of several months of work and represents a fictitious bar/ club as it might appear on Bourbon Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.

It contains a bar area with supporting props, hallway with detailed stairway, a rear loggia and rooms adjacent to the hallway for visual interest. (light coming through open doorway into hall)
While some artistic license has been incorporated into the bar area in terms of ceiling height and the brick backdrop, the rest of the model is a reasonably accurate representation of French Quarter architecture. Much of my reference in the creation of this model comes from the Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey Engineering Record, The Vieux Carre Commision, and Tulane University.

This project started with the development of the liquor bottles and their labels. With extensive use of refraction and reflection the bottles need to be contained within an enviroment to look right. In an effort to provide an enviroment for the bottles the rest of the project just grew from there.
There are 28 different parody bottle labels, each is an original work of graphic art created in adobe illustrator and photoshop. Labels occur only on the bottle fronts, there are no rear or side labels.
The props have been broken into various groupings so that only what is needed may be loaded into the scene. Everything shown in the promotional images is provided.

In addition there are 2 independently adjustable light emitter scenery panels in the rear, a front scenery panel to provide reflection in the marble panel on the bar, an overhead light emitter panel, and 2 emitter balls in the adjactent rooms. Custom accent lighting is also provided.

Please read the readme file before purchasing. It contains important information for potential buyers. This product is not meant for older 32 bit systems with less that 8 gig ram. It makes extensive use of indirect lighting, reflection and refraction, and numerous large texture maps.

This product is intended for medium to advanced users of Poser. Familiarity with material room and camera setups are recommended in order to fully enjoy this scene. Lighting intensity adjustments of light emitter panels and camera setups are manually adjusted by user.


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    June 30, 2013

    Thanks bogus, I have a 32 bit system so no problems for me and a new system at that. 😉

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