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The Vieux Carre-Bourbon at StLouis is a high quality, precision made scene scaled for use with Poser characters.
This is a starter set of a scale model of the New Orleans French Quarter centered at the intersection of Bourbon and St. Louis streets. From this intersection, this first edition extends 1/2 block in all directions. It contains streets, sidewalks, traffic signs and street lights as well as misc. details representing this area. Three buildings, a skydome, lights and light emitters are included as well. Miss Lowens night club contains a detailed bar/lounge area. The other 2 buildings are exterior only. Included in the Miss Lowens Bar is the same liquor bottle set that comes with “Bourbon Street Bar”. Subsequent offerings will expand on these initial 3 buildings filling out the block. The scope of the entire project will extend 1 block east to Toulouse Street and 1 block south to Royal. Approximately 1 or 2 buildings per month will be offered depending on complexity. Some will have partial interiors some will be exterior only. I have tried to create an interesting mix of exterior and interior settings that represent the French Quarter area.
Much of my reference in the creation of this model comes from the Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey Engineering Record, The Vieux Carre Commision, and Tulane University, as well as Google Earth and Google Earth Street View.

The props have been broken into various groupings so that only what is needed may be loaded into the scene. Each building and component will land in its appropriate position upon loading. Everything shown in the promotional images is provided.
Please read the readme file before purchasing. It contains important information for potential buyers. This product is not meant for older 32 bit systems with less than 8 gig ram. It makes extensive use of indirect lighting, reflection and refraction, and numerous large texture maps.
This product is intended for medium to advanced users of Poser. Familiarity with material room and camera setups are recommended in order to fully enjoy this scene.
No attempt has been made to make this product compatable with programs other than Poser. While the .obj files could be used in other programs the building and street components are made up of multiple instances of .obj items and would require Poser to properly assemble them into complete models. As an example , windows on a building are be made up of numerous instances of the same .obj. Complete street and sidewalk sets are made up of multiple instances as well.


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    June 24, 2013

    This artist has got a really ambitious project going on here. I had this on my wantlist and I appreciate your getting it for us. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you!

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