Bobs Barber Shop

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This building is inspired by the old buildings you see everywhere that have so much potential, but have been run down by time, the elements and a lack of money. The charm of this building is showing through by the sheer elegant design and the fact that it is packed with detail. If you listen very closely you might just hear the clippers running on Mayor Johnson as he gets his weekly flat top hair cut. I do have plans to do many more in this series of old weathered buildings.
This model includes the following:
Oil tank with gauge and fill spout
Water tank
Loading dock
Shed roof over dock
I beam supports to hold the roof up
Light fixtures
Barber pole
2 stairways
Curtains in the windows (some are lighted and some are not.
Attic access doors on the roof
All of the doors open and have limits set for your ease of use.
There are even foyers behind the doors for added realism.
Other buildings, dumpster, ladder and scaffolding not included.



Meadow, Moorland and Pasture by Martin Frost
Mountain with tunnel for Vue

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