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BMV4 is a set of great looking breast morphs for your Victoria 4.2 Character! With this set, Victoria?s breast looks much better than the original breast.

This set includes:

– 28 custom created breast morphs
-> 5 different breast shapes
-> push-up effect for each shape (very nice when using bra?s or other clothes)
-> Every of the 5 shapes in up to 3 sizes.

The breast morphs are very easy to apply to Victoria 4.2. Just select them in the Library and apply them to Victoria 4.
If you use it one time, you will never miss!

Note: The morphs only work with Victoria 4.2?s body. If you use a character set on Victoria which changes the body shape (body injections) the result won?t be good.
But there are no problems with face injects.

Clothes which auto-conform to Victora 4.2 with Morphs++ are working with BMV4, too.

Product was only tested in Poser 9. But it should work with Poser 6 and up.
It should also work in DAZ Studio, because it only uses the Morphs++.


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    Honey Badger

    November 3, 2012

    These look like fun. Can’t pass ’em up. Thanks, Blazer.

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    November 3, 2012

    wish mine where this is easy to fix…lol
    thank you Blazer

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