Blue Soul Hair XPansion

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Included is a new long and straight multi-layered ponytail, a ponytail made of several small braid tails and a long tail with hairbands.

Tail 1 and 2 can be freely moved with the bend, side-side and twist dials, split up into three different bodygroups for ultimate control! The “Tail” bodygroup includes bend, side-side and twist dials that move slightly swingy and can be used for great wind effects in combination with the included split wind morphs. The “Tail CTRL” bodygroup gives you control over the base movement. The side-side and bend dials let you move the full tail from the top on in a straight way. Use the “Tail Tip” bodygroup for moving the tip of the tail only.

Tail 3 includes EasyPose technology with its root in the hairband to give you power for all subordinated elements of the tail!
All matposes are included with special shader setups that make use of specularity- and bumpmaps and have versions for Poser 5 or higher and DAZ Studio 2.3 or higher.

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Blue Soul Hair


Touchable Blue Soul
Witch Pack II - Cemetary

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