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The Cap’n.
The Cap’n is the most powerful, feared and respected member of the crew. As such he dresses to emphasise his position. The Cap’n is a cold and ruthless man, and woe betide the scurvy dog who crosses him. Included with The Cap’n outfit is 14 conforming cr2 clothing figures, 3 smart props with left and right hand versions, 49 MAT poses for the clothing and 8 utility poses to assist with more extreme poses.

First mate
The First mate is the Captains second-in-command and dresses in a more utilitarian manner to enable him to carry out all his duties as a conduit between Captain and crew. The duties of the First Mate are many and varied, and he conducts them all impeccably, which has earned him the trust and respect of the Cap’n. His outfit comprises of six conforming cr2 clothing figures, 43 MAT poses to augment his wardrobe, and 8 utility poses for those awkward movements.

Scarlett is an enigma. That she has a special relationship with the Captain is beyond doubt, as is the fact she can look after herself, as several dead men would attest, were it not that dead men tell no tales. She has blood on her hands, and mystery in her presence…is she the captains business partner, his lover, or even the privateer who owns the ship, his boss? You decide…Scarletts outfit is made up of 8 conforming cr2 figures, 3 smart props with left and right hand versions, 48 MAT poses for her clothing and 8 utility poses to get a more natural look.

Pirate Prop Set
The Pirate Prop Set includes a number of items that no self-respecting pirate would leave port without. Most notably weapons, including a Swept Hilt Rapier, a Half Hilt Rapier, a Basket hilt Cutlass and a Flintlock pistol. Also compasses, telescopes and the prize of the venture….the chests of treasure. The character props all come with left and right versions, as well as versions for both Michael4 and Victoria4.


Mec4D After Gym Set for Genesis 2 Male(s)
Pirate Props

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