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The bike has been setup in a typical workshop setting and there are a few
props included to help with the detailing on the renders. Please feel free
to experiment with your own backgrounds and I have enclosed a copy of the
grafitti jpeg in the texture section for your use.


This model comes with a selection of props which will allow you to fine
tune the model for your own requirements. I am aware that loading in all
the props can be quite time consuming but I want users to have as much
flexibility as possible in moving stuff around. I am also aware that some
customers will have varying performance requirements so the ability to cut
some objects out may prove useful. All of the props in the scene are
smartpropped apart from the motorcycle.


I have included some bumpmap textures for this product to improve the
tyre, wood and brick textures. I have been told that some Poser Pro users
may have problems with the bum files included so if you do get problems
with materials appearing too dark then please reload the textures through
the material editor using the supplied jpegs with the same name.

Brkwea.jpg – brick texture
Cedfence.jpg – worktop texture
graffiti0002.jpg – free texture for own use
grycon3.jpg – concrete texture – floors and ceiling
House.jpg – reflection texture – optional
Hrly.jpg – poster texture
motorcyc.jpg – poster texture
rev.jpg – revcounter texture
shelf.jpg – woodshelf texture
sky.jpg – reflection texture – optional
speedo.jpg – speedometer texture
tyretrea.jpg – tyretread texture
Brkwea_b.bum – brick bumpmap
Cedfence.bum – worktop bumpmap
Grycon3.bum – concrete bumpmap
Tyretrea.bum – tyrtread bumpmap

Handlebars and Steering

The motorcycle has been split into two sections to allow a limited amount
of movement for the frontend of the motorcycle. To turn the handlebars
simply make sure that pbike2_1 is highlighted in the props menu once the
bike has been loaded into the scene. You can now use the turn slider to
move the bars.


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