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Her head was shaped in ZBrush and does not need a morph package to work, while Bijou’s body shape was made using V4.1’s body morphs. This makes sure that there will be no problems when fitting clothes to her. Bijou’s skin and hair come with shader options for Poser 5 — 7 as well as special DAZ Studio material presets, so you’re sure to get the best out of the textures in both applications.

Custom Morph for Bijou’s Head with separate INJ and REM files
Bijou Body Morph with separate INJ and REM files
High Resolution Texture Maps
1 Torso Texture (4000×4000)
1 Torso Bump Map (4000×4000)
1 Limbs Texture (4000×4000)
1 Limbs Bump Map (4000×4000)
1 Head Texture (4000×4000)
1 Head Bump Map (4000×4000)
5 Make-up Textures (4000×4000)
6 Iris Textures (1000×1000)
1 Sclera Texture (2000×2000)
1 Mouth Texture (1000×1000)
1 Lash Transmap (1000 x 1000)
5 Nail Textures (4000 x 4000)
Bijou Hair
Back Out
Bend Head Forward
Front Out
Hair Tie Fix
Head Back
Head Wide
Hide Hair Tie
Hide Ponytail
Hide Top
Lay Down
Ponytail High
Ponytail Long
Ponytail Short
Ponytail Spread
Ponytail Thin
Ponytail Volume
Sideburns In L
Sideburns In R
Sideburns Out L
Sideburns Out R
Swing Left
Swing Right
Tips In
Tips Out
Top Up
Wind 1
Wind 2
Wind 3
Fit Morphs for
Aiko 3
Aiko 3 Realistic
Laura 3
Maddie 3
Stephanie Petite
Victoria 3
6 Hair Colors
6 Hair Textures (3000×3000)
1 Transmap (3000×3000)
1 Bump Map (3000×3000)
1 Specularity Map (3000×3000)
Earrings Prop
Move L In
Move R In
Move L Out
Move R Out
Fit Morphs for
Aiko 3
Aiko 3 Realistic
Laura 3
Maddie 3
Stephanie Petite
Victoria 3
2 Color Options
Light Set that was used in the promo images
Shader Options for DAZ Studio and Poser
Mat Poses with Shader Settings for Poser 5 to Poser 7
Shaderless Mat Poses for every Poser version
Special DAZ Studio Material Presets (separate installer)


Reflections Furniture
iTrees vol.3 Winter

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