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When against heavily armored targets, such as armored vehicles or hardened fortifications, an SL-85 recoil dampened 50mm sniper cannon should do the trick. Use incendiary or ‘beehive’ rounds if unexpected infantry is encountered.

Against infantry and light armor targets, the 20mm Gauss autocannon is recommended. With a moderate rate of fire and good trigger control, a skilled operator can maintain a good rate of suppressive fire without exhausting the ammo box too frequently.

Air defense is best served with the new AA-621 quad Anti-Air cannon. Its four 8mm gauss-launched self propelled shell autocannons are slaved to an AI controlled aiming system, requiring little guidance from the operator to pose a serious threat to low to mid altitude aircraft. Note: The AA-621 requires a team of at least five to transport the tripod, core system, barrels, cannons, and ammunition.


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