Bernie’s New Green Trees Bundle

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Bernie’s New Green Trees Bundle – 24 veg plants. All items of this package where made and tested with and for Vue 6 Infinitive, Version 6.60-04 Build 292711, PC version. Without any Problems they are compatible with MAC software and/or higher versions of Vue. Unzip all to your Vue content directory and feel happy using it. The new items will be listed on the end of the list. e.g. Plants / Bernie’s New Green Trees 1 and/or Bernie’s New Green Trees 2. In the case that you do not see the folder, please integrate them using the normal way. The 24 plants itselves are botanically not correct. The textures used for the plant species have matching real bark and real leaves


Noah's Ark 3D
Archmodels Vol 124, Grass & Small Plants, Obj format only!


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