Belly Control For Genesis 2 Male(s)

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With 30 morphs for you to play with, you have even more flexibility in creating unique and diverse bellies. Now you can create realistic, fantasy, skinny or overweight bellies. This product also contains movement morphs so you can move it around as you please. Also, take advantage of the additional Belly Smoothing morph designed specifically for Micheal 6

Belly Control Morphs:
!Fold Horizontal Smaller
!Fold Horizontal
!Fold Vertical
Beer Belly
Belly Define
Belly Fat1
Belly Fat2
Belly Muscular
Belly Smoother M6
Button Depth
Button Height
Button InOut
Button Size
Button UpDown
Lower Bulge
Lower Sag
Lower Updown
Lower Width
Upper Bulge
Upper Sag
Upper Updown
Upper Width
Shaping Presets: (.DUF and .PZ2)
!Reset All
Reset Adjustments
Reset Belly Button
Reset Movement
Reset Shape


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