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Bella is standalone adult female figure (both Toon and Realistic).
She is solidly built female designed for Humans like Heroic Characters,
Sexy Orielntal Beauties, Charming Plump Ladies, and fantasy creatures
like Demons, Dwarwes, Halflings etc.
She has a lot of morphs.
Bella has automatic Correctors System to make her posing more realistic.
Light version of RealCorrectors System makes her morphs look more realistic
when you posing it (morphs like FatBody, Pregnant, etc)
This pack contains two Proportions Poses: Base Figure (Toon)
and Human Figure (Realistic)

Pack includes Bikini as base clothing and conforming hair with colors.

Bella Figure with Base Textures (4096×4096)
1 MakeUp texture and MAT-Pose for it.
15 EyeColor MAT-Poses

Bella Morphs:

5 FullBody Morphs
9 Body Part Proportion
23 Partial Morphs
54 Face Morphs

Conforming Bella Hair
7 Hair Colors with textures(2048×2048) and MAT-Poses

Conforming Bikini

Proportion Poses:

HairFit System for V4 Hairs

Supported with WardrobeWizard by PhilC


Stars and Stripes Backgrounds
Fantasy Oaks

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