Bejeweled Bundle 2: Arm Cuffs, Bangles, Rings and Toe Rings

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Bejeweled Bundle 2 is a pack that contains Arm Cuffs, Bangles, and Toe and Hand Rings. All of them come with lots of materials and possible shapes, so this bundle fills your needs for jewelry in lots of renders! Make every render special and unique! A must have!

All the jewels are independent for each arm, wrist, toe finger, or hand finger. You can have them where you wish and as many as you wish. Bangles have a morph for bigger forearms, and the Arm Cuffs include adjustment morphs too. In the case of the rings, as also happens with the bangles, you can scale them and move them to adjust to any character or figure based on Genesis 2 because all dials have been fine tuned and the scaling center has also been adjusted.

Genesis 2 Female and these derived females are supported: Belle 6, Mei Lin 6, Lilith 6, Aiko 6, Gia 6, The Girl 6, Olympia 6, Stephanie 6, Teen Josie 6, Victoria 4 Shape for Genesis 2 Female, Victoria 6, Giselle 6.


Dragon: The mightiest mythical creature, a sign of power and bravery, mounted on a silver or gold spiked arm ring. The dragon has been all carefully modeled in 3D with details of eyes and nose holes, and realistically curved around the arm, and comes in 4 finishes: gold, silver, black and red.

Leaf: A sculpted leave that loops around the arm, a sign of what is natural and free, of the creatures of the forests. It comes in 4 finishes: gold, silver, green leaf, and brown leaf.

Roses And Thorns: From the tears that are dropped with pain, pleasure and passion, was born the most romantic and gothic classic, a branch of gold or silver metal with thorns. From the purest and the boldest stabbed hearts bloomed four roses of black, blue, pink, red, silver or gold petals. You can use the thorns with or without the roses.

Spiral: A very versatile yet complex double swirl arm cuff with mounted jewels, in silver or gold. The jewels come in green, red, blue or pink. You can use this cuff with or without jewels if you wish.

Stars: Quite versatile, you can use this one for casual themed renders as well as for fantasy creatures, as it fits perfectly in a very varied range of scenarios. A comet trail looped around the arm, and leaves the shine of six sparkling stars behind. The stars are in blue, pink or turquoise, and the band in silver or gold.

Sun And Moon: Threaded filigree design in gold or silver, and jewels of sun and moon in three finishes: moons.

In scratched relief with tiger’s eye stone, Celtic sun and moons, or moons in blue enamel with sun with yellow topaz. All the filigree, sun and moon details are modeled in 3D. You can use the band with the filigree with or without the jewels, if you prefer.


Filigree Primrose: Carefully crafted filigree flower, with the symbolism of primrose: youth and the young love, in the language of the flowers means “I can’t live without you”. In Copper, Gold, Silver, Gold with Jade jewel, and Silver with Turquoise jewel.

Lady Of Roses: A romantic bangle design that is very versatile because you can hide the roses if you like, and use it in a wide variety of scenes. In Gold or Silver, and roses in black, blue, gold, silver, pink, or red.

Arwenna: Perfect to give your character a touch of power, majesty or might, has the flavor of the classic heroines. In Gold, Silver, Antique Metals, Gold and Black, and Silver and Black.

Princess Of Eire: Eire is the first name of Ireland, when it was the Land Of Woods, and this bangle is worth of her Princess. You can hide the jewel if you wish. In gold or silver, and jewels in Jasper, Purple Dragon jewel, Red, and Turquoise.

Ivy Goddess: Ivy and wine for the goddess of the forests, with leaves sculpted in metal that grow around the wrists. An ode to life and nature! In gold, bronze, or silver, with partial mats for brown or green leaves.


Celtic: a classic of magic fantasy, double ring with ancient Celtic sign, in silver, gold, and mat pose to turn the sign black.

Flower: beautiful design of a flower made of round gems, with ring in gold or silver, and 5 beautiful color combinations of different precious stones: fuchsia-lavender, green-pearl. purple-orange, red-yellow, and turquoise-blue.

Galatea: A sumptuous classic that makes your characters stand out, the perfect accessory for the high and mighty, in gold or silver, and the most beautiful 5 precious stones mounted over rich metals: aquamarine, green, jasper, pink, and turquoise.

Hearts: Three carefully crafted hearts mounted over the ring, to give fun, sweet or sassy look to your hands or feet, in gold or silver, and five colors for the hearts: silver, gold, black, pink, and red.

Oval Jewel: an all-purpose ring of a precious stone mounted in an embracing thread of gold or silver. Perfect for all kinds of characters and situations. Jewel in green, turquoise, coral, or pink.

Rhomboid: A timeless design that gives protagonism to the jewel that is perfect both for casual or fantasy characters. Jewels in 6 beautiful stones (black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red) and ring in silver or gold.

Rose: A silver or gold ring with a carefully crafted sculpted rose mounted on top. Choose gold, silver, black, blue, pink or red for the rose. The romantic and gorgeous accessory for hands and feet that you need.

Simple: A simple ring that can be great for a wedding ring or for a simple sober ring, in gold or silver.

Uroboros: The snake that bites her own tail, is the sign of the eternal return, magic and renovation of nature, fits perfectly any fantasy character. Get it in silver or gold, with black or red eyes.

Spirals: Delicate and mystical design of double twist with gems in gold or silver, choose with or without gems, and between 5 possible precious stones: black, blue, pink, red, and turquoise.

Stars: Two stars cross over the finger like in the night sky, leaving a comet tail behind that is the silver or gold ring. Choose their shine between gold, silver, or blue or turquoise stars.

Genesis 3 Female Shapes: Katya
Outline III for Genesis 3 Female(s)


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