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Lucrezia is my reflection of a desire to create something out of the realm of ordinary, while still retaining very human qualities. This is a finely detailed, original texture containing no resources. This texture was built by scratch, the old fashioned way and designed to be something altogether very different. Carefully blended to cross seams, while maintaining a high level of artistic integrity. I was able to put her through every Render Studio 2014 scene without seeing the texture or shaders fall apart.

Lucrezia can speak of a pain of a different kind. She can be soft and virginal. Hopefully she will inspire great renders. I know that each time I render her, she becomes something else to me, something different artistically.

One skin is pale, and browless, with blood red stained lips, frightening in an almost virginal way, and the second is soft, containing pale nude lips and faint brows

Lucrezia’s eyes were custom built utilizing techniques that allow for utterly lossless detail. Everything about her speaks of love and hard work, and a desire to give artists something they can sink their teeth into.

There are three custom built shadersutilizing SSS Ice, SSS Milky and SSS Warm.

There are basic and advanced shaders for other older versions of Poser.
There are a set of shaders making the entire set compliant with Daz Studio.>

Two Custom Built Head Textures One Torso Texture
One Limb Texture
Four Eyelash Trans Maps in a variety of colors
Six Specially mapped eye textures that were designed to be absolutely lossless in detail:
Topaz, Green, Blue, Ice, Fire, and the base eye that comes with the set
Three Custom SSS Material Shaders
One Advanced shader for older versions of Poser
One Basic Shader
A map only version
One Inj/Rem Face File
One INJ/REM Expression Face File


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