Bay Window Props & Pose Set

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The set features a complete
room setting that uses separate ceiling and sidewall props and includes several
furniture and accent pieces.

The set also includes ten V4 poses that will position your V4 characters in
different poses on the Bay Window cushioned seat. The Bay Window Props & Pose
set also comes with a PZ3 file that will load in the room with all of the room
props and a default lighting scheme.

Light-weight and functional the Bay Window Props & Pose set will accommodate any
of your Bay Window scenes.

The Bay Window Props & Pose package includes the following room props:

Props (PP2):
!!BW Preload
!BW Base
!BW Ceiling
!BW Sidewall

BW A-Rug
BW Lamp
BW Picture
BW Pillow
BW Tablestand
BW Weather Station

Poses: (PZ2)
Pose #01
Pose #02
Pose #03
Pose #04
Pose #05
Pose #06
Pose #07
Pose #08
Pose #09
Pose #10

Everything comes as props and poses that can be loaded from the content palette
under the Props and Pose sections.

The Bay Window Props & Pose package also comes with all of the texture templates
to allow you to give the props a custom look of your own design.

You will need Poser 5 (or higher) or Daz Studio and V4 to use this set.


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