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Designed by the Molek Corporation in 2009, the TR7 (Tactical Role) is a small single seat ship designed for close quarter combat and community policing roles. A popular choice with pilots due to it’s excellent maneuverability and battlefield survivability, it soon earned the nickname the Battle Bug by its pilots.

The Poser model available here is a TR7-A, the second generation version with upgraded JSF9 engines and twin AWAC Radomes.

This model also features My_Maps, this is an easy to use system which allows you to easily re-texure a model without having to write a MAT pose yourself. Plus unlike .JPG or .GIF templates BMP’s don’t suffer from the effects of compression, so your maps will as sharp as you make them!
.: Product Features :.

This model includes a working ejection seat and canopy that can be open or detached.
Instructions for this can be found in the readme file.

.: Textures :.
Four colour schemes which represents typical uses of the ship…
– Navy Bug as flown from HMS Daring
– Army Bug as used by the US Marines during the 2012 Iranian War.
– Cop Bug as used by the NYPD for traffic control
– Rusty bug as used by the early Martian Colonists.
Templates are included in BMP format.



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