Basic Christmas Construction Kit

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All the pieces have readily accessible sub-components which can be moved from one piece to another, as needed. For example, the string loops used to hang any of the traditional ornaments on a Christmas tree can be moved to any of the bells, or to the flat silver star, or to the snowflake, if desired. Or, either the plain brass hook or the fancy brass hook can be subsituted for the strings. The ribbon on “e;Bell 1″e; can be moved to any other bell.

The sub-components of each piece also can be edited to change their colors and other material properties.

Speaking of bells: the clappers of the bells can be re-positioned, so that if one or more bells are rotated, the clappers can be moved to hang straight downward.

The Holiday “e;Wreath”e; has three or four “e;partial gaps”e; for better placement of ornaments, bells or ribbons. The “e;Simple Bough Set”e; is composed of two pieces of evergreen that can be arranged as desired for horizontal table arrangements. Please note that the wreath and the two smaller evergreen pieces have fully modeled needles so that they can be used from multiple viewing angles. These two items may require longer rendering times, depending upon the nature of your rendering engine.

The “e;plain ornament hook”e; and the “e;fancy ornament hook”e; are outsize (extra large) so that they will not get lost in this package. You should re-scale the hooks downward to a correct size for actual use.

The streamers are designed to be duplicated – many copies can be put together at different angles and applied to the wreath or table decor compositions.

Point lights can be placed within the candle flames to cast light and shadows for night scenes.

Product Requirements: Any PC or MAC program that allows IMPORT of an *.obj file.


FASHIONWAVE Daiquiri for V4 A4 G4
Christmas Toy Tugboat Set


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    Honey Badger

    November 3, 2012

    “It’s beginning to look a LOT like Chrissssssssssssstmas . . . ” 😀

    Thanks, Blazer. It comes around every year and I am so happy to have so many cool new Christmas props. You spoil us with your generosity and aren’t we all just so lucky? YES! Yes, we are!!!

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    November 3, 2012

    just in time…thank you Blazer

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