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There are a few banner creation myths out there that will crush your marketing efforts…

1. Get attention at any cost

Don’t do it. I’ve done it and all it leads to is a cheap look and in best case scenario lots of empty clicks. In fact, if people perceive you as cheap or “desperate” they will move away from you.

2. Spend lots of time on the layout and make your banners pretty

Again, DO NOT go there. If you’re like me, you’re interested in getting sales, right? You won’t touch people with a cool design. Fancy is cool, but that’s all it is and you don’t need it, despite what designers out there will tell you. In fact, ask your designers how much they’ve made online and unless it’s more than you’re aiming for, don’t listen to them.

3. You need to learn Flash and make advanced banners because “that’s in”

This is called stalling and frankly it’s just an excuse to not getting started in the first place. You don’t need fancy flash banners. I’ve made 6 figures without even knowing how to spell the word “flash”.
How do I know all this? I’ve been a professional 2D designer for over two decades. With my background working at a newspaper, designing ads in the $10K range, having designed hundreds of banner ads, having studied this field in the tunes of tens of thousands of US dollars during the past ten years, I know what works and what doesn’t.

What I REALLY know, is what failure looks like?when the banners you spend time and money on just don’t work, when your efforts and results have an immediate impact on your business and personal life… or lack of it.

If you’re there right now, don’t worry because making mistakes is NOT failure. It’s part of success. Failure is only when you give up.

So, since you’re hanging in there looking for the answers?you’re definitely on the right track!


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