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This High security bank vault is build deep under the ground. You have to attain a lower level by a high security elevator and you arrive to the first room. THE ANTI CHAMBER: Cold atmosphere, the walls are made with thick steel, 10 feet high ceiling and illuminated by light encased in the walls, floor and ceiling. When you are standing up on the Federal Bank?s logo, you are face to a huge door. The door of the vault, a master piece of 8 feet diameter, 20 inches thick and made with tons of steel, secured by a control panel. Only if you have an access code, you will be able to open this impressive door and access to the second room. THE VAULT: Red carpet, gold columns, majestic and luminous ceiling and quality hardwood furniture; a luxuriant room for privileged customers who want to discreetly depositing objects. Small, medium and large safe are available and for larger object or larger quantity, we have some commercial safe. Simply open the safe, pull out the safety deposit box. You can use the private room and close the curtain before to open your safe box or use one of the available tables. The armoured doors, protected by a strong grill door give access to a restricted area, the third room. THE WAREHOUSE: A real bunker of reinforced concrete. A very restricted zone where only few people have an access and this only under close surveillance. This warehouse is the most coveted place by bank robbers. Used by “The Federal Reserve Bank” and banks of other country, to store gold and money. The crack in the rear wall is a well-kept secret, explode it and have an access for the hidden tunnel.


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