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Bain?r the Light Elf … The Elven race is reclusive and rarely seen, except at certain times and in special places. They inhabit the vast untouched wildernesses of the world, and now also reside here at RuntimeDNA….

Being immortal, Elves have adapted and evolved over the passage of time, and in many places Elves have lost their pure spirit form and become creatures of mere flesh and blood. As they evolved, they took on characteristics of the world around them, becoming Light or Dark, Wood or Water, depending upon their circumstances.The Light Elves are a peaceful people, in tune with nature and the natural rythyms of the world around them. They express this connection to Nature in fine art and beautiful music, often said to be too beautiful for mortal ears.

Physically, Light Elves have certain characteristics that make them easily identifiable. Very typically, they have high cheekbones and finely chiselled features, as well as longer, more pointed ears. Male Light Elves do not grow facial hair and indeed are smooth and hairless all over. Light Elves have been described as having eyes full of stars, and radiate beauty brighter than the sun.Always pale, more often than not Light elves have light golden hair.

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