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A simple yet extremely versatile scenery figure that provides for a wide variety of backdrops, both interior and exterior. Need a nicely wallpapered bedroom? A grimy city street? A ballroom? An old board fence and a vacant lot? A grungy old castle wall? With Backdrops Made Easy, you can have all these, and many more!

Backdrops Made Easy consists of a figure with three ?body parts?: a wall, a floor, and an ?edge? that uses geometry swapping to provide eight different configurations, from a traditional baseboard to a planter border for a patio (see features list).

Backdrops Made Easy is just that ? easy to use. Load it in, apply one of the presets, and render. See Popup 3. Or, if you want to customize it, that?s easy too. With 19 presets for the wall and 17 for the floor, there are scores of possible combinations ? see Popups 4 and 5 for sample presets and variations.

Need more than a wall and a floor? Need a corner of a room? That?s simple, too ? just load in two backdrops, rotate one and move it, and presto? you?ve got a corner of a room. The wall, floor, and edge piece can be individually moved, sized, and rotated however you please (see Popup 6). You can also load in several backdrops and lay them end-to-end.


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