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“B#1 HOT Bodacious Josette” is the second character in my new B#1 series.
Please note:
? Josette’s bodygloves will match all B#1 characters.

? Josette is a bodacious lass with a custom head morph combined with Daz morphs.
? Josette comes with both bodacious buxom body that is curvacious and sensual.
? She also has a slim athletic body that is lithe and youthful.
? Josette features both a pubic hair and no pubic hair options.
? Both regular shaders and SSS mat files are included.

? Included with Josette is a highly detailed “B#1 Super Skinz” bodyglove set
? with 11 mat options to create different styles.
? These “B#1 Super Skinz” bodygloves are great for both V4.2,Genesis and
? all of your characters with unique body shapes as there will never be any
? pokethrough.
? Why waste your time trying to get clothes to fit when 1 click with
? “B#1 Super Skinz” bodygloves will dress your ladies with lots of options and
? give you lots of top quality detailed renders.
? I worked very hard for you to create all bodygloves to give a very detailed
? high end render.
? Detailed bump and displacement maps along with hand painted unique bodygloves
? will enable you as an artist to create top quality renders with
? my entire B#1 line.
? Please note these bodygloves are hand painted not procedural materials.

? Included “B#1 Super Skinz” bodygloves
? Each “B#1 Super Skinz” bodyglove set includes both Regular
? shaders and sss shaders.
? Included Options
? Josette Injects:
? Josette-Head-INJ
? Josette-Head-REM
? Josette-Body-INJ
? Josette-Body-REM
? Josette-Athletic Body-INJ
? Josette-Athletic Body-REM
? NipplesBra
? NipplesNude

? Josette Character Textures
? Josette-body
? Josette-Head
? Body-Pubic Hair
? Body-no Pubic Hair
? 8 makeups
? 9 eye colors
? 8 Lip colors

? “B#1 Super Skinz” bodyglove set Mat options
? !!JO-Lace-GB-1.pz2
? !!JO-Lace-GB-2.pz2
? !!JO-Lace-GB-3.pz2
? !!JO-Lace-NGB-4-SS.pz2
? !JO-Lace-Collar-Top.pz2
? !JO-Lace-Collar-Topless.pz2
? !JO-Lace-GB-Topless.pz2
? !JO-Lace-No-Garters.pz2
? !JO-Lace-PubicHair.pz2
? JO-BG-Lace-Arms.pz2
? JO-BG-Lace-Legs.pz2

Known issues:
The SSS mat files are created with Snarleygribbly’s EZSkin.
Re-running the EZSkin may change the look of your render.
Simply re-apply the included SSS mat files to restore the original style.
These products have been tested in DazStudio and I am told they work
However I do not offer support for Daz Studio.

The bodygloves are hand painted, not procedural materials so the bodygloves should
render nicely in Daz Studio although there may be some slight differences
with lighting.


B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz Bodygloves
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    July 22, 2013

    Oh i love this Joe thanks 🙂

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    July 23, 2013

    (*•.¸*¸.•*´)Awesome, thanks(*•.¸*¸.•*´)

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