B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz Bodygloves

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Detailed PDF tutorial included
Stand alone, 1 Click Super Skinz bodygloves that will work on any of your character skins for V4.2,A4,Girl4 and Genesis

NOW,Thanks to a FREE plugin that is simple and easy to install to your python folder
Super Skinz lingerie bodygloves that will work on any character skin for V4.2,A4,Girl4 and Genesis

Download FREE Advanced Shader Plugin Here:

How does it work:
? Simply install the free plugin to your python folder
? The plugin will do all the python work. You do not need to know any python.
. The Super Skinz are applied from a regular PZ2 mat file in your pose folder.
? Next Load V4 (or Genesis)
? Apply your character textures of choice as you would normally do
? Apply your choice of Super Skinz lingerie mat pose (.pz2)
? The mat pose will apply your selected lingerie Super Skinz on top of your character’s skin.
? It’s just that simple

What if I want to change to a different Super Skinz style?
? Simply reapply your character’s body texture to erase the lingerie Super Skinz
? Then apply the new lingerie Super Skinz of choice

The set includes:
“B#1 1 Click Lacey Lingerie Super Skinz ” is a set of 5 exquisite lingerie
Super Skinz bodyglove sets. Each set is highly detailed with texture maps including bump and displacement maps.

Included Super Skinz styles:
? Black Lace
? Red Lace
? Blue Lace
? Pink lace
? Torn lace

Each Super Skinz Style Includes:
? 14 Mats per style
? 4 Full torso options:
? Full torso with see thru top with garters,
? Full torso with no see thru top with garters,
? Full torso No see thru top with no garters,
? Full torso Topless/Bottomless)
? 7 Part torso options:
? 4 upper torso options
? See thru top
? No see thru top
? 1 Collar
? Topless
? 3 lower torso options
? Bottoms with garters,
? Bottoms no garters,
? Bottomless
? Limbs
? 1 stocking
? 1 gauntlet

Please note.
This is not a character set. There are no morphs, eyes or makeups etc.
HOWEVER, for your convenience, I have included my basic B#1 torso, limbs and head
maps so you can work with the included skins.
The face map has a very soft makeup base. If you want to render with the
includeed B#1 skins you must load eyes,morphs,etc from another character set.

Included B#1 skins:

1- There are no SSS shaders with this set.
Some SSS shaders are not set up properly for this script.
If they are not and you want SSS,
you will have to manually add the SSS to the Super Skinz.

Daz Studio Users Info:
? I do not offer support for Daz Studio at this point.
? The python script to apply the mat poses will not work in Daz Studio.
? Unfortunately the Daz Studio script for Image Layer is currently not
? working in Daz Studio4
? However, All of the Super Skinz bodygloves are in .png format
? You can manually add the Super Skinz bodygloves if you choose
? Here is the seqence:
? Info on manually loading the Skinz in the layered image editor (LIE)
? Load your character with her textures
? Open the layered image editor (LIE)
? Click on + mark and Add Layer.
? With “new” layer selected go down to Resource:
? Browse to your textures and select file
? (example)0005-SSK-Torso-NG.jpg.
? Change Blend Mode to Multiplicative Blend.
? You should then see the New Layer over the top of the original
? character texture
? If new layer is at top of stack. Click Accept. It loads.
? Now make new layers for Nipple and Hip and Render.
? Make sure new layers are on top 😉
? Thanks to strixowl for this info.


Lady Frostwhisper
B#1 HOT Bodacious Josette


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