Azucar Hair For V4 And A4

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This Pack includes:
– Hair prop for Victoria 4 and Aiko4

– Highly customizable through the use of 29 morphs included
– Morphs are located in 8 categories for easy use: Fits, Style, Bangs, Sidebangs, Movement, Wind, Hairline, Adjustment

– 15 hair mat poses: 12 bright natural colors, and 3 colored (blue ice, purple and pink)
– 5 hairband mat poses of different styles: Pinup, Parisienne, Glamour, Elegance, and Safari

– Zero morphs icon to easily reset all hair morphs to zero

– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Morphs list:
AllBack, CloseCheeks, FeathersSize, Fit_Aiko4, Jazz, LBack, RLong_Sides, LShort_Sides, LToCheek, LTopOut, Long_Bangs, LowerRaise_Hairline, Out_Hairline, RBack, RLong_Sides, RShort_Sides, RToCheek, RTopOut, RotateFeathers, Short_Bangs, SideSide_Bangs, SwingLeft, SwingRight, ToFront_Bangs, ToLeft_Wind, ToRight_Wind, TopOutAll, BigHead, HeadTop

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
This hair is for Victoria 4. You can use it with Aiko 4 too (optional)
PC Compatible. Not tested in Mac.


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