Awesome Creatures for Creature Creator Genesis 2 Male(s)

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Awesome Creatures is a great new set of shapes for Genesis 2 Male(s) Creature Creator and the Genesis 2 Male(s) head and body shapes. Use the thirty five included presets as they are, or mix and match them using the partial presets for nearly endless options!

Awesome Creatures includes:

35 full Creature presets, 35 body presets, and 35 head presets in the following categories:





Goblins & Orcs



33 Face Shaping Presets

29 Ear Shaping Presets

30 Eye Shaping Presets

30 Nose Shaping Presets

20 original sculpted partial body morphs to add to your creature collection

1 new fbm to give your male creatures an elven body shape

1 zero preset to turn off all of the included presets

Awesome Creatures includes versions of all of the creature presets using the Creature Creator HD morphs where applicable. Both HD and non HD versions are included for your convenience.

This product relies on the Genesis 2 Male Creature Creator and Head and Body morphs and you will need to have both of those packages for the presets to function as shown. In addition, for the HD presets to function you will need to have the Genesis 2 Male Creature Creator Morphs HD.
What’s Included and Features

Full Body Morph Presets (Standard and HD) (.DUF)
5 Alien Presets
5 Anthro Presets
5 Fey Presets
5 Fiend Presets
5 Goblin & Orc Presets
5 Monster Presets
5 Undead Presets
Separate Head and Body Morph Presets for all of the above.
Partial Morph Presets (.DUF)
33 Face Shaping Presets
29 Ear Shaping Presets
30 Eye Shaping Presets
30 Nose Shaping Presets
Genesis 2 Male Reset Pose (.DUF)
Additional sculpted dial morphs included in this package:
Elven Body Morph
Cat Eyes
Cat Nose
Feet Digitigrade
Feet Digitigrade Smooth Heel
Feet Duck
Feet Elongated Smooth
Feet Gecko
Feet Paws
Feet Paws Round
Feet Two Toes
Forearms Length
Shins Length
Hands Elongated Smooth
Hands Gecko
Hands Three Finger
Hands Paws
Defrowner Brow 01
Defrowner Brow 02
Defrowner Mouth 01
Defrowner Mouth 02
Requires Genesis 2 Male Creature Creator Morphs HD for the HD presets to function.


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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