Autumn Morning

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Autumn Morning
Open the door and breathe in the cool air. You know without opening your eyes that the leaves are just starting to turn. But you do open your eyes, and you see the grass putting down its seed, knowing spring will resurrect it again. The leaves pale and yellow and orange sparkle in the clear sun that shines into the soft morning mist. Serene water reflects the moment where summer bids farewell and fall smiles its hello. Take a step, take another breath and walk into Autumn Morning.
In this video tutorial from Geekatplay, you’ll learn how to create that beautiful misty atmosphere. Get tips and tricks on creating great looking fall plants. Sculpting terrain for a body of water, and how to get just the right depth and reflection on the water. In the end, you’ll have a lovely picture and several great new skills to use for your own fantastic artwork.



Dust and Trail Tool
PRO The Perfect Composite


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    May 27, 2013

    this will be good ..need alot of help doing more than just simple things…thank you Incommendatus

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