Aurora for V4

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Stylish & funky jewelry for your V4.
Colorful and dynamic in a style that can grace any modern or fantasy outfit you are working with.

All smartprops. Earrings load as a pair but can be adjusted individually.

All procedural mats, in both pz2 & mc6 formats. Since these are procedurals, some materials will not show in Preview but will render properly.

These props load in DS all versions,but superconforming will not always work & morphs may need to be dialed manually. Because these are procedurals, these materials will not render in any version of DS. DS users will need to use the included templates to create their own image files, or apply DS shaders. Props should work in DS3+ with surface setting adjustments.

Adjustment poses are included for the Earrings to fit Aiko4’s head. Please be sure to select each earring before applying the pose for that earring. I’ve included Remove files in case you forget & apply the pose to the wrong object.

Several V4 FBMs are included in the Necklace. These will automatically match your injected V4. (Super-smartprop). In DS, these WILL NOT always apply automatically & may need to be dialed manually. Some combinations of FBMs will need tweaking for better appearance.
In addition, because these are props, adjustments will be needed for some poses or characters. To aid this there are several adjustment morphs included in the Necklace.


LARVA MK.I Texture Exp Set for D|S

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