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Aurelia for V4 is a beautiful and unique human/fantasy character for Victoria 4.2, her morphs and morphs++.

She has an array of make-ups that lend an air of beauty and mystery to her custom sculpted face. Included are 7 different lipstick options, 6 different eye reflections , 9 GORGEOUS eyes to get lost in, along with a slit-pupil morph that brings out the Dragon in her… and 10 stunning nail patterns.
Her eyes and nails are self- contained so they’re easy to use on any character you choose. Her lips can be used with any make-up, making this a true mix and match character.

This pack is all about personal choice. There are provided lip colors so that you can choose the one you like best. Her makeup and nails are coordinated with her Dragon theme as well as being unique and flattering to her human form.

Aurelia uses advanced shader nodes and displacement maps—for this reason this pack is P6 and above ONLY. While it may work in P5, it has not been optimized nor tested in P5 so NO SUPPORT for DAZ STUDIO, P5, PP or P4 is available.

In this pack you will find basic shader mats, SSS shader mats, and DAZ Studio presets
She is not optimized for Daz Studio—Studio users use her at your own risk and discretion.


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