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Athena – Minerva Outfit & Props set for Genesis , Set include, Helmet, Feather Helmet, Tunic, Skirt. Chest Armor Plate, Sandal, Shield, Spear, The Helmet is constructed from many elements allow you to create your own look , also the tunic and skirt have 3 color options fiting mostly all Genesis shapes. The Original sculptures was creted in Zbrush 4R5 with the count of 80 millions polygons, converted then to lower polygons with topology for animation then rigged to use in Daz Studio and Poser via DSON .
Athena is a goddess of wisdom, strategic-war and weaving in Greek mythology.
Minerva is the Roman virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic.

Product File List

Helmet ( .DUF . CR2 )
Helmet Feathers ( .DUF . CR2 )
Tunic ( .DUF . CR2 )
Skirt ( .DUF . CR2 )
Chest Armor Plate ( .DUF . CR2 )

Shield Smart Prop ( .DUF . CR2 )
Spear Smart Prop ( .DUF . CR2 )
Load All High resolution ( .DUF . CR2 )
Load All Low resolution ( .DUF . CR2 )

Clothing Textures : Color, Specular, Normals , Displacement, Opacity etc.. for all clothing and accesories to 4096px High Resolution
DAZ Studio 4.5 (DS) Material Presets to Aplly All options and DSON Materials and CR2 to use with Poser9 and Poser 2012


Clothing are setup on Auto Follow any Genesis Shape


SINBAD & Wonder Lamp


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