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“Vanessa could feel her enemy’s presence… a deadly assassin from the Bane-She Collective, sent to rub out the same target. It could only mean one thing- someone wanted her dead. But all that mattered right now was finishing her cigaratte; then she’d give this rival a taste of her undivided attention. The night was still young… their struggle would be glorious.”
Assassinatrix is a comprehensive package of cutting edge catfight poses, second skins, and cameras for V4. Each pose is fully articularted right down to the fingertips. Two lethal beauties meet in battle, taking the fight from skillful kicks and strikes to a brutal fight on the ground- each desperately trying to finish the other for good. The Assassins’ high resolution second skins are included, along with a Reset Body Position pose. Assassinatrix puts elite catfight action at your fingertips!

This set includes 62 poses, 31 cameras, 2 Second Skins with MAT poses, and 1 Reset Body Position Pose. The set works with limits on OR off.

Aven for Genesis (Character)


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