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Your deadly Assassin is ready for her next assignment and this set of 25 stand alone poses for V4, “Assassin In Action!” is just what you need to have her looking good while being totally lethal. You will be thrilled to know that this set also includes companion poses for the Assassin outfit by shadownet and ghostman, taking all of the work out of setting morphs in the clothing to match it up to the pose and really bring it to life dynamically, so that setting up your actions scenes in Poser and Daz Studio is as simple as a few mouse clicks. Now that is killer awesome!

The set includes a total of 179 poses for V4 and the Assassin Clothing items, grouped together for ease of use but also leaving you the freedom to experiment a bit, so not only can you often mix and match V4 poses and clothing poses, but you will also see which dials are being used to get the different draping effects for the clothing, making it so much easier for you to put together your own custom poses since there are so many morphs to choose from and knowing which ones you need and in what combination is a big part of getting just the right look. So in addition to fast and easy scene set ups, the collection of poses is also something of a mini tutorial on how to pose the Assassin clothing for ultimate kick-butt results. That’s a lot of value in one inexpensive package. But wait, there is still more.

In addition to the 25 pose sets, we are including a collection of useful utility poses for locking and hiding body parts, along with companion poses for the clothing items that accompany that pose, so that you can pose just those body parts and then mix and match with any upper body poses you may have and want to use so that you still achieve the same dynamic cloth like draping looks from the built in morphs in the clothing while creating your own custom poses, and without all the hard work of having to style the clothing yourself.

Plus we are also including a great Bonus pose for the Millennium Horse and Western Horse Tack to go with the V4 riding pose included in this set. The Pose in our set will pose V4 and the Assassin clothing (if used) on the Millennium Horse, to match the Walk Pose that comes with the Millennium Horse. The accompanying pose for the Western Horse Tack will pose the saddle and bridle to match. Again, nothing could be easier to set up the scene, than just a few clicks of the mouse. Now that your deadly Assassin has found the perfect outfit for her clandestine activities, she is ready for action and we have Assassin In Action! for V4 you need to help her annihilate the bad guys and look great doing it.

Please Note: The poses for the Assassin clothing were made using the default (non morphed) V4 figure as the base to create the draping effects seen in the promo and thumbnail images. When using a V4 figure with FBMs applied it will sometimes be necessary to make adjustments to the clothing pose (morphs) and placement of props. We would like you to be aware of this, the poses will not work the same on FBM as they do on the default V4 figure, so please expect to make minor adjustments in the drape and fit of the clothing and the placement of props when using the Assassin clothing poses with FBM based characters.



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