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Ashley for M5: One young man with multiple looks. Ashley brings a handsome adolescent man, with a sweet, angsty smile to all your renders.

Ashley features eleven custom face morphs, representing facial features of men from different ages and parts of the world. You can use them individually, or mix a percentage of each to make your own custom morphs. Use your creativity by starting off with the base and applying morphs to see what you can come up with. He also features nine beautifully sculpted body morphs to mix-and-match. Ashley comes with a high resolution, realistic texture as well as hair and bald options. Also included are two facial hair options and four emo-inspired makeup options(which can be mixed with the facial hair options). As an added bonus an elf ear morph has also been included to add an extra dimension to Ashley.

Ashley has been updated to DS 4.5 and includes a two new head and body morphs.


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    March 15, 2013

    thanks so much Mecha2nd 🙂 love that it includes elf ears 🙂

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