Artificial Christmas Tree n’ Poses

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Happy Holidays from Orestes Graphics and FeralFey!

Orestes Graphics give you a high quality, completely fake Christmas tree for your renders this Holiday season! Included for the tree are 4 color options (two festive, two creepy) 6 decoration color options, and four light options. The lights, decorations, and tree all load as a multi-prop, so any of which can be disabled.

FeralFey gives you Four tree trimming poses designed for the Orestes Christmas tree! Two each for Genesis 2 Females and Genesis 2 Males! With slight adjustments the Genesis 2 Female poses will work with Genesis 2 Males and vice versa. Adjustments will need to be made for any Genesis 2 shapes, of course. Also, a note that the poses are designed specifically to fit your artificial tree and will load in position around said tree. To rotate and/or move the tree with models posed, created a null. Parent models and artificial tree to the null, and then move and rotate as required. The poses will work with other tree props as well! DAZ Studio/Poser




Genesis 2 Female Anubis
Extraordinary League

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