Art Treasures from the Bower Collection

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The Art Gallery of the Australian bowerbirds include collected art treaures from natural and manmade sources. The male Bowerbird is an artist. He first builds his gallery by erecting two grass portals for a doorway. He then hunts through his territory seeking out only the choicest materials he can find and arranges them in pleasing patterns within his gallery. With his gallery and art set for exhibition, he has an opening inviting all the local ladies. He adds to the entertainment of the opening by doing a dance. If one of the females likes his art and/or dance, they will be paired. Younger females appear to focus on artistic ability while older females make their choice by dancing skill. While this package obviously focus is bowerbirds, the included props have numerous other applications. The leaf piles will a realism to your outdoor scenes while the berry piles are a perfect snack for your Millenium characters. The ground planes will add solid, realistic soil to your render and the twigs and bower grass entrance can easily double as vegetation… and how can Victoria pile the Millenium Kids into the car without first having a car key?


Angelissa Hair Set


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