Armor Of God for M4

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The Armor Of God set has been meticulously modeled to perform as well as it looks. The rigging of the Shoulder armor is such that it moves and rotates with the figures body as real armor would move and rotate. The movement of the armor going forward is not the same as it is going backwards, this kind of set-up provides a realistic look and feel to your renders and animations.

Custom designed Shaders mixed with maps gives the set spectacular renders. There are 2 different options to choose from; One is for if you use Environment Sphere or Domes for your renders, the other set is for those that do not. Each set is designed for maximum “Wow” factor.

The Normal maps were created inside of Zbrush providing you with lots of extra detail in the armor set. Rendering and looking like a high polygon set but at a low polygon hit on your system, so your computer won’t bog down.

A generous amount of fitting morphs has been created into each piece of armor so no matter the poser, the Armor Of God is sure to fit.

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