Ariel Hair

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Ariel Hair is a long morphing flowing anime-style hair for Victoria 4 or Aiko 4, with 12 different colors, and the following morphs to accomodate any pose: LFrontMoveOut,RFrontMoveOut, MoveFrontOut, FrontStrandsF, WindR, WindL, RStrand1 (moves out),RStrand2, RStrand3, Lstrand1,LStrand2, LStrand3, Longer, FrontRBehindEar, FrontLBehindEar, BackOut, BackStrandL1 (moves out), BackStrandL2,BackStrandL3, BackStrandR1,BackStrandR2, BackStrandR3, RFrontOut, LFrontOut, Spread Front, WavyBack, UpperBackStrands and Aiko 4 Fit.

Aandras M4 & Genesis
Skating Queen


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